The Krosven Steppe

This game takes place in the wilds of an unexplored land known as the Krosven Steppe, after Thomas Krosven, who ascended to the highest peak of the Spine and saw land to the west. You are all from Eora, the kingdom located east of the Spine, and have been hired by Queen Isobel to explore and investigate the Steppe. You have been traveling for two years, and have recently stopped your caravan around the first source of fresh water (aside from the occasional torrential downpours) you’ve seen in months: a pooling spring bubbling gently out of the ground. The caravan pulls around it to rest and gather water.

Meanwhile, the four adventurers who have been traveling with the caravan take a quick trip south to investigate the woods. They are not heard from again. The caravans settle, and the people jokingly start calling the settlement “Springvale.” Six weeks pass with no report from the adventurers.

Then, something happens which launches Our Heroes into their own adventure, one that will take them to the edge of the world … and onward.

My Style of Roleplay

Every DM uses D&D differently. Some focus more on storytelling, some more on combat, and some blend both. My style is focused more on storytelling. I try to keep track of the rules for combat, obviously, but will eschew rules in favor of story sometimes. I don’t use a game mat, or miniatures, preferring to tell players where they are and using paper and pencil if need be. If you are looking for hard rules and lots of combat, this won’t be the game for you. And that’s okay! There are lots of DMs out there who run the game differently.

Your Style of Roleplay

People role play in lots of different ways as well. Some are very active and take control, and others are passive and like to watch. Everyone is welcome and I try to tailor my DMing for each person, but if you feel like you’re doing something “wrong,” let me know. You probably aren’t. The purpose of the game is to have fun and tell a good store, and however you do that is welcome.



1. Have fun! If you’re not having fun, let me know.
2. Be respectful of the players at the table, and to the game.
3. If your dice falls on the floor, you have to reroll.


  • PLEASE KNOW YOUR CHARACTER’S SKILLS, ABILITIES, AND SPELLS. This should be obvious. I’m not going to tell you how your spells work anymore, and if you don’t know out of character, I will assume your character doesn’t know either.
  • Drinking during the game is great, but if you get stupid drunk I’m kicking you out of the game. D&D is not an excuse to practice your alcoholism among friends.
  • Nat20s outside of attack rolls DO NOT MEAN AUTOMATIC SUCCESS. Ever. Ever ever ever. Rolling a 20 on a skill check is pretty damn good as is, but you can STILL fail the check depending on variables. (Nat1s do mean automatic failures though.)
  • Please keep metagaming to a minimum. Here’s a good definition of metagaming. As a general rule: do what your character would do, not what the other players at the table want you to do, or what would be most advantageous with the “rules.” (Obviously your character can ask other characters what to do, though.) Trust me, the game is more fun when character do charactery things. When the 8 intelligence half-orc barbarian decides “the hell with the plan” and barges into the room full of goblins, that’s fun and exciting.


  • A nat20 attack roll deals max damage plus one extra hit die. Example: A dagger would deal 4 HP + 1d4 (+ modifiers) damage. The player can then roll again and if they hit the AC of their target, they roll a d6 to inflict one of the following onto their target:
    1. The attack stuns the creature for 1 round.
    2. The attack knocks the creature prone.
    3. The attack pushes the creature 5 ft any direction.
    4. The attack causes the creature to misstep, forcing Disadvantage on any attack roll or saving throw on their turn.
    5. The attack confuses the creature; it attacks an enemy on its turn. If it cannot reach an enemy with an attack, it harms itself for 1/2 weapon die damage.
    6. The attack inflicts a wound which halves the creature’s movement for 1d4 rounds.
  • A nat1 attack roll automatically misses. I am a benevolent DM and thus do not impose additional penalties for missing. You’re welcome.


I used to do all sorts of weird stuff with XP but have decided to follow the game rules for XP as closely as possible this time (mostly because it’s well-balanced). However! I will give XP bonuses for the following:

  • Person or persons who bring food/snacks to the game. (A full DM is a happy DM.)
  • Everyone who attends will get an XP bonus for that session.
  • Good (/consistent) roleplay will get a bonus.
  • Every nat20 and nat1 gets XP (only a little bit though).
  • LEVELING UP HAPPENS IN A LONG REST! It is not an immediate.

I think that’s it. Have fun, let me know if you’re running into issues!

The Krosven Steppe

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