Titans were enormous creatures that dwelt in the Void before time and space existed. They coalesced into being and created the world and everything in it. They are considered proto-gods to the elves, though the other races think of them more as precursors to gods. The Titans created the Humanoid, the first mortal being (technically “mortal” and “soul-filled”—other mortal creatures are not considered to have a soul), whose death prompted the creation of all of the races of Iro, with some exceptions.

Skallanites proclaim that there were thousands of Titans before time, but only three are named: Covoran, the Builder, Atren, the Former (or Shaper, though the Father is known as the Worldshaper, so often Atren is called the Former to avoid confusion), and Gamavër, the Destroyer. When the Humanoid died, the Titans cried for so long that their bodies shrank, from being bigger than the world to about the size of a mountain. Covoran, Atren, and Gamavër were three Titans who remained in or near Iro after the Humanoid’s death; the rest presumably either died, left the world, or still exist, but just beyond it.

Covoran, the Builder

Covoran is most well known as the Titan who brought the Old Gods to Iro. There is no real information on why he did this—the Child sent a vision to Salo the Prophet, warning him that they were coming but did not divulge the reasons why. It is assumed that the journey from wherever the Old Gods are from took a tremendous toll on Covoran, and that he died shortly after returning to Iro. Not much else is known about him, though some claimed they saw him when he descended from the sky; many reports suggest that he looked like a “beholder, but with many arms instead of eyes.”

Atren, the Former

Of the three Titans, Atren is known least of all. Her name was spoken by the Child to Salo during the Three Meetings as “she who mourns,” suggesting the mourning of the Humanoid. The Skallanite humans believe she is the one who created the Humanoid and revere her in a Virgin Mary to Catholics sort of way (as opposed to the elves, who revere her in a Virgin Mary to Protestants sort of way). The humans also fundamentally believe that Atren is set to return, to “gather the pieces” of the Humanoid and resurrect it. (Their argument being, “Why would the Child talk about her if she wasn’t going to return?”)

Gamavër, the Destroyer

Much is known about Gamavër as he is the most recent Titan to arrive in Iro, though not much is known about his intentions other than to destroy the world. It is thought that after the Humanoid died he left the world in pursuit of something, though theologians don’t agree on what it was. Whatever the case, he returned in the Second Era with an army of demons and laid waste to Iro in a terrible battle that decimated the population and ruined many cities. Gamavër then pressed his luck, ascending to Heaven to kill the Old Gods. Long story short, they kicked his ass and sent him crashing into the Spine, where he became embedded in the mountains themselves. He still caused havoc though, until a group of adventurers descended into the mountains and killed Gamavër by spearing his heart with Bloodweaver, the mighty Spear of Ancients. His death caused a mighty earthquake, reshaping the Spine yet again, and opening up a small pathway which was discovered by Thomas Krosven, resulting in the creation of Krosven’s Pass into the west.


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