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This game takes place in a world known as Iro. For thousands of years Iro was known only as the land stretching from the Spine in the west to the vast Avalia Ocean to the east, and from the Frozen Forest in the north to the Blackmarsh in the south. Attempts to explore outside these lands have been met with continual disaster by both beast and nature. Thus, much of the history of Iro is encapsulated within these natural boundaries, causing significant strife over land, resources, and culture.

In the Third Era, the people of Iro feel a sense of unity after the death of the great Titan Gamavër, and peace reigns for over 400 years, following a brief civil war. Iro is composed of two countries: Eora, the northern country, and Valden, the southern country. Eora was founded by humans and Valden was founded by elves. In 438 a man named Thomas Krosven ascended the tallest peak in the Spine and spied, to the west, unexplored land! In the years afterward a pass is created allowing the people of Iro to enter what is known as Krosven Steppe.

The Story So Far

Queen Isobel of Eora has hired three teams to explore the land to the west. You are part of one of those teams. Your expedition team is called the Padoran Envoy and features special Padoran clergy as well as four adventurers who were hired to protect the caravans. The total caravan population at this point is 74 people.

For over two years, your caravan has traveled west across the Steppe, exploring the terrain and attempting to find anyone who might live here. Early in your travels you came across a Gnoll Camp which resulted in a nasty battle, killing 10 people and sending 1/4th of your caravan population back to Fort Harador after they decided to not continue. Since the gnolls, however, you have seen very few things besides the rolling flatlands of the Steppe.

Recently, you have come across a spring surrounded by thick shrubbery and short, squat trees. Your caravan stopped around the spring to rest and fill your empty rain barrels with fresh water. While you rested, the adventurers noticed trees to the south and went to investigate, hoping to find food or even a city.

That was three months ago. They have not been heard from since. The caravan, worried about leaving without their special guards, have begun calling their little setup Springvale and pretending it’s a hamlet of sorts.

Then, one night, Something Happens (and the game starts).

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