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Eora is the northernmost country in Iro, and the oldest named country in the world. It is largely home to the humans, and for all intents and purposes is currently the reigning country in all of Iro, despite Valden’s existence in the south.

Eora is broken up into eleven provinces. Each province has a capital city in which resides a governor. Each governor acts as an intermediary between the populace and the elected official on the Council. There are 5 council members per province, with the exception of Ironrock, which has 10 (the reigning king or queen being the addition). Also, the Queen’s vote counts for two for the purposes of tie-breakers.

Provinces of Eora

Ironrock (the capital, also oldest Eoran province)
Hashnell (largest province in population)
Gylvesan (largest province in size)
Chosar (smallest province in population and size)

Eora is a generally colder environment than Valden, with the Frozen Forest acting as a natural boundary in the north due to its density and extreme coldness. South of the taiga are thinner forests that dwindle into hills and valleys where the halflings tend to live. The natural border between Eora and Valden is the Tempus River, which runs west-east from the Spine. However, there are many Valdenne outposts and villages beyond the river who are sort of grandfathered into being from Valden and not Eora.


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