Cast of Characters

Just a list of people you’ve met before and during your travels, and historical folk.


The Royal Couple

Queen Isobel Derevia – current reigning queen of Eora.
Lord Colab Benawar – Isobel’s deceased husband.

Other Nobility

King Edwynd Derevia – king before Isobel
Lord Lyrewin Talavier Hashnell – Governor of Hashnell Province.

The Envoy

Holston Trevere – leader of the Padoran Envoy

The Lost Four

Henry Iturnak, human paladin
Kroos, elf druid
Malyen, human cleric
Nova, air genasi warlock/rogue


Emma – mother of the now dead baby

Rowan – injured soldier

Mykom/Mitcham – captain of the Peacekeepers


Avahkheonne “Vahk” – leader of the northern White Wood elves.

Edwin Alcaster – wizard, living in the Wending Tree

The Keep of Sir Toven

Sir Toven – ancient human paladin, now corrupted into an evil death knight

Ascalan – Toven’s squire, now a ghost

Iren & Shosa – two cultists who oversee the keep

Ovemaw – an old friend of Toven, known as the “green man”

Kyrina- phynsian elf warlock, former protector of the Wending Tree


The Krosven Steppe zornog